The Chess Club uses Approval Voting to choose a faculty advisor for the upcoming year.

Anne and Fran voted for Mr. Albertson

Peter, Alex, and Jennifer voted for Ms. Baker and Ms. Carr

William, Sam, Allison, and Betty voted for Mr. Albertson, Ms. Baker, and Mr. Davis

Joe, Katie, and Paul voted for Ms. Carr and Mr. Davis

Jonathan voted for Mr. Davis

To determine the winning teacher, we must calculate the number of votes received by each. The teacher with the most votes wins.

How many total votes did Mr. Albertson receive? answer

How many total votes did Ms. Baker receive? answer

How many total votes did Ms. Carr receive? answer

How many total votes did Mr. Davis receive? answer

Which teacher is selected as faculty advisor using Approval Voting? answer

Unfortunately, when asked to serve, Mr. Davis declines since he is the Math Club sponsor and can’t do both. However, Mr. Davis (being quite a sharp mathematician) points out how fortunate the Chess Club was to have used Approval Voting. As Mr. Davis explained, since each voter simply votes for the candidates he/she approves of, removing a candidate from the list will not change the vote totals for the other candidates. That means that the Chess Club members don’t need to hold another election—they can simply choose the teacher with the next highest total (congratulations Ms. Baker!) and avoid the bother of a new vote. TRY THIS YOURSELF. MARK MR. DAVIS' NAME OFF AND RECALCULATE THE APPROVAL VOTES FOR THE REMAINING TEACHERS. CONFIRM THAT EACH TEACHER STILL GETS THE SAME NUMBER OF APPROVAL VOTES AS BEFORE MR. DAVIS WAS ELIMINATED.