Answer: RITA

To determine this, look at who is higher ranked in each column of the preference schedule (and by how many voters).


# of




130 120 100 150
1st P T T S
2nd R R R R
3rd S S P P
4th T P S T

In the first column, we see that 130 voters prefer Rita to Tim and in the fourth column 150 voters prefer Rita to Tim for a total of 280 votes. Tim is preferred to Rita in the other two columns, giving him 220 votes (120+100). So, Rita beats Tim in a head-to-head matchup. Since Rita won, we put her name in the appropriate cell of the head-to-head matchup table.

  Paul Rita Sarah Tim
Paul ---------- RITA SARAH PAUL
Rita ---------- ---------- RITA RITA
Sarah ---------- ---------- ----------  
Tim ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------