Answer: 1st: Rita, 2nd: Sarah, 3rd: Paul , 4th: Tim


# of




130 120 100 150
1st P T T S
2nd R R R R
3rd S S P P
4th T P S T
For Pairwise Comparisons, each candidate gets 1 point for each head-to-head win (half a point for a tie). For Extended Pairwise Comparisons, the candidates are ranked in order of their point totals.

In head-to-head matchups:
Rita beats Paul (370 to 130)
Rita beats Sarah (350 to 150)
Rita beats Tim (280 to 220)
Sarah beats Paul (270 to 230)
Sarah beats Tim (280 to 220)
Paul beats Tim (280 to 220)
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So, Rita wins 3 head-to-head matchups, Sarah wins 2 head-to-head matchups, Paul wins 1 head-to-head matchup, and Tim wins no head-to-head matchups.