Tutor Training Workshops

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Diversity TrainingInterpersonal Violence
Counseling Center Services 

Diversity Training

On Common Ground (4:03) What is diversity and why
does it matter? (7:33)
What is the impact of diversity
on college students? (9:07)
Your role in serving diverse
students at UA (15:45)

Interpersonal Violence

Sexual Assault (14:21)
Dating/Domestic Violence (7:41)
Stalking (8:05) How Can You Help? (9:46)
Do's and Don'ts (10:24) WRC Services (3:37)

Counseling Center Services

Support Groups.
Reasons to use (12:29)
More reasons to use.
Personal Development.
Consultation Services.
Distressed students (9:43)
More about interacting
with distressed
students (9:33)
Over-extended students.
How to refer students.
Contact info (8:03)