The CAS Video Library

If this is your first use of these videos, please be sure to read all of this information very carefully (especially regarding the RealPlayer Requirement).

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Only UA students, faculty & staff are authorized to use the material on the off-campus video page.  From off-campus locations, you must know the password which can be found on various CAS flyers posted around campus, by calling (348-5175) or visiting the CAS (Osband Hall), or by email.

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About the CAS Video Library

The CAS has several hundred hours of digitized video available to UA students.  These videos consist of both externally and internally produced educational programming - including many actual courses taped in classrooms at the UA campus.  These digitized videos are available in the CAS Computer Lab (124 Osband Hall) where students can view the videos on lab computers (listening with headphones).  Students can also view these videos from other campus computers (in other computer labs or residence halls) if the campus location has a connection with sufficient bandwidth.  (Try it or ask the lab manager.)