The Eyes Have It:  Warning Signs of Eye Difficulties   back

The University of Alabama
Center for Academic Success
124 Osband

How good is your eyesight? Is school work putting a strain on your eyes, or vice versa? Here is a checklist of warning signs developed by an optometrist to help you detect vision difficulties before they do serious harm to your eyes and collegiate career. One or more checks in each area indicates a need to see a vision specialist.

1. When reading:

  • Eyes often water

  • Eyes frequently red
  • Eyes often burn
  • Often lose your place
  • Tilt your head
  • Point at words
  • Squint

2. When writing:

  • Reverse letters frequently

  • Write on a slant
  • Slow in copying from the board
  • Hold head close to desk
  • Make frequent errors when copying

3. During daily routine:

  • Avoid reading activities
  • Have frequent headaches
  • Experience double vision

  • Close or cover one eye when reading
  • Squint or frown when focusing on objects
  • Blink excessively

(Adapted from J. Alphonso Dandy, Optometrist)