CAS Computer Lab


The CAS Computer Lab provides services to many departments and courses by hosting software used by students in those courses.  In general, mornings are the best times to visit the lab to avoid the crowds.  If you have computer usage needs that cannot be met in the CAS Computer Lab, click here to see if other labs on campus can meet your needs.

The CAS Computer Lab is a part of the CAS Learning Resource Lab with the emphasis on study.  The CAS Computer Lab is a QUIET lab and disturbances will not be tolerated.

Students must have an ACTion card to enter the CAS Computer Lab.  Because the CAS is an academic support unit, students using software sanctioned by a department or course instructor have priority for CAS Computer Lab equipment  usage during 'peak' periods.

The CAS Video Library (a digitized collection of educational programming) is accessible in the CAS Computer Lab.