CAS Academic Support Services     Osband Hall     348-5175

CAS Academic Support Services provides programs and services to help UA students improve study techniques, succeed in particular UA courses, enhance and extend their classroom experiences, upgrade reading proficiencies, and prepare for standardized entrance exams.  CAS services are designed to enhance the academic skills of successful students and to improve the skills of students striving to be more successful academically.

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Intro to Learning Strategies and Skills

BCE 101 Freshman Compass Course:  An introduction to The University of Alabama for first-year students.  The course serves as an introduction to higher education and The University of Alabama in particular.  Approximately 50% of the course consists of study skills related instruction.  Topics covered include time management, learning styles, reading textbooks, taking notes, preparing for tests, and getting along with faculty.  The other 50% includes instruction in staying healthy, becoming involved on campus, career planning, communication skills, and money management.
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NEW 222 Academic Potential:  A 2-hour study skills course available to all undergraduates.  Topics that are covered include time management, textbook reading, note taking, preparing for tests, and college writing.  In addition to study skills, the course often covers such areas as campus resources, critical thinking, money management, communication skills, diversity, and living a healthy lifestyle.
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