BEP 110

Introduction to Learning Strategies and Skills

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BEP 110 is a 3-hour graded course housed in the department of Educational Psychology in the College of Education at The University of Alabama. This course provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the importance and use of specific learning strategies. The course also engages students in reflective decision making and critical evaluation of their own learning processes.

The current version of BEP 110 is a collaborative effort involving the College of Education, The Center for Academic Success, the Career Center and the University Libraries. Students taking the course receive instruction in library skills as well as career exploration.

BEP 110 is recommended for UA students who may have experienced difficulty in adjusting to the demands and study requirements of university-level academics.  This course is also recommended for beginning students whose prior educational experiences may not have adequately prepared them for the rigors of university coursework.

The course  requires that students critically evaluate their own behavior patterns and develop new behaviors that are conducive to college-level learning. Students are expected to attend and actively participate in every class.  Out-of-class assignments are given weekly. 
Receiving a good graded in the course is dependent on regular attendance, active participation, completion of all assignments and satisfactory grades on tests and assignments.

The course content is structured around the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI). This is computer administered diagnostic instrument that assess students' learning skills using ten scales: Attitude, Motivation, Time Management, Anxiety, Concentration, Information Processing, Selecting Main Ideas, Study Aids, Self Testing, and Test Strategies. Students take the LASSI at the beginning and again at the end of the semester.

For more information on the LASSI click here:  LASSI  

In place of a textbook, students complete internet-based instructional modules that correspond to the 10 scales of the LASSI.  Students complete these modules on-line and their progress is monitored by their instructors. These modules were developed at the University of Texas at Austin by Dr. Claire Weinstein, the author of the LASSI.

The general course outline for the FALL 2011 semester is as follows:









Academic Survival Skills Systematic Approach to Learning Concentration Stress
Academic Environment Test Taking Finding the Main Idea Motivation Projects
Goal Setting Time Management Reading Strategies Stress Projects
  Procrastination Note Taking Review for exam
  5 Types of Knowledge Motivation  
  Knowledge Accusation Strategies    
  Comprehension Monitoring    



Information For Students:

Students enrolled in BEP 110 can find a copy of the syllabus below:

  Syllabus  (PDF copy of syllabus)  
  Teaching Project Instruction Sheet  
  Grading Rubrics  


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